Walk Through Grief - January 30, 2023

If you knew Shari, you know she kept everything, and I mean that quite literally.

Today I was moving some things around and getting rid of a couple of kitchen appliances that I haven’t used since her death and won’t be using. In the far corner of the cabinet a jar fell over. I reached in to pick it up and saw that it was filled with folded notes, from a ladies’ ministry project at some point in time in recent years. The notes were messages of affirmation and appreciation written to her…There it was, another of those grief ambushes! Yes, I tearfully read them, took the attached pictures, and put them back in the jar and returned them to the corner of the cabinet.

Sometimes I feel that these kinds of experiences are messages from God assuring me of His presence and His promises that still stand. Other times I feel like they are messages that Shari left behind to assure me that I will make it through this journey “through the valley of the shadow of death.”

I think that is enough cabinet rearranging for today!!!

Blessings to you as we continue on this journey through grief together!!!

I love and appreciate you all!


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