October 27, 2021 – Family Update

Hello Friends! Some have asked me for an update...ummmmm, that is a big task most days.
Thursday will mark three weeks since Shari was welcomed into Heaven. It will also mark seven weeks since her hospitalization and eight weeks since she tested positive for Covid.

Our family has continued to be blown away by the love and support of so many, demonstrated in so many different ways. Thank you to everyone, we have felt the love and support. We appreciate your continued prayers and support.

There is a peace and comfort knowing Shari is whole and more alive than ever and that someday we will be reunited with her and others in Heaven when we complete our race. At times it all still feels so surreal as I seek to understand and grasp this strange new season of life. I typically don’t care much for change and have often said I feel like the “old dog that doesn’t
like learning new tricks.” Some time I feel like I have a handle on things and other times not so much.

It is difficult to put into words all the emotions and feelings I am experiencing.

If you have walked this road, you understand. There is deep peace in knowing that God has everything under control, and great grief in trying to figure it all out. I know that I will never understand in
this life, and in eternity it won’t matter. There are moments when the tears flow unexpectedly and freely, and times when I can smile deeply knowing that Shari is in Heaven and experiencing
the joys of the Lord’s presence with no pain, or sickness. I know I/we will get through it, and continue to celebrate and model the example she lived out for us as she sought to be an imitator of Jesus Christ to the world she impacted.

Our family is doing well. There have been a few classic comments from the granddaughters asthey too try to understand this new season for our family. Here are two of those comments, intended to display the innocence and trust that I wish we “grownups” could grasp:

From our five-year-old, who also lost her Grandfather (Pappy) just over three weeks earlier;
“So Pappy is in Heaven and now Mamaw is in Heaven and they can see me, but I can’t see them?
That’s not fair!”

From our three-year-old, while riding in the car and playing with an old cell phone; “Mommy I
need to take this call.” As she talks away Mom asks, “Who are you talking to?” With the sass and
sarcasm only a three-year-old can muster, “Mamaw!” Mom said the tears started flowing as she
continued to drive. A little later the little one announced, “Mommy I got a text from Mamaw.”
“What did she say?” Mom asked. “Her said her not sick anymore!”

How are we doing?

It depends on the moment, the memories, the conversations. With wisdom like we have received “from the mouth of babes,” with the love and support from so many wonderful friends and family, and most importantly the all-sufficient grace and faithfulness of the Lord, we are going to be alright!!!

Many have asked if there is anything that we need? We have not lacked for anything during this season. However, if you desire to do something to bless our family, consider a donation to the playground we are going to build at World Hope in memory of Shari. She led our children’s
ministry and had a vision to build a commercial playground to replace our aging treated lumber one; a safe place for the children of World Hope and our community. Here is the link to the church giving page, choose the playground fund, any donation will help fulfill Shari’s vision and dream. Thank you to those who have already given, I will update you on our progress in a few weeks.


With much love and appreciation,
The Bankhead Family

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