November 1, 2022 - Walk Through Grief

I don’t know when I have been so excited to turn the page on my calendar to a new month.

October has had more than its share of challenges. I will spare you the details, but I will pass on a few lessons that I have learned.

Lesson 1) As we age, we realize that we cannot do what we once did. Our brains may disagree, but our bodies understand new limitations. I have realized that I do not have the “emotional stamina” I once did. For the first time ever, I asked to be released from a commitment to assist in a wedding a few weeks ago. The young couple graciously released me. I was dealing with strong emotions at the one-year mark of Shari’s death, and I didn’t want to mess up their special day. Two weeks later I was officiating a wedding, my first since Shari’s death, I thought I was in a much better place than two weeks earlier. I made it through the ceremony, but it was difficult, those attending knew I was struggling. We won’t talk about after the ceremony.

In sharing with a pastor friend, I realized that I am lacking in emotional stamina. Now to work on that in November and beyond.

Lesson 2) Grief may be a permanent partner on this journey of life. Over the past 13 months, I have been on a journey that I never expected to be on at this stage of life. But I am not alone, we all have or will experience the pain of loss, grief. It is a reality of living in this world. The only way to effectively deal with grief is to grieve.

Grief has become this silent partner in life, just when I think “I lost it” there is a memory that pops up, a holiday, birthday or some special day and grief makes its presence known again. I am learning to embrace grief to remember and heal as I continue to process the emotions of loss.

Lesson 3) Just because the calendar turns a page or a year, your friends on their grief journey still need you, maybe more than ever. you may get tired of their emotions, or their need for friendship, but grief isn’t on a time clock or limited to a calendar. Continue to give us time, and patience and though you cannot fully understand, just be willing to listen, smile, and pray.

We have come too far on this journey to get stuck or to turn back. Keep walking and keep moving forward, you can do this!!! As always, thanks for reading and for your support, prayers, and encouragement!

Until next time…

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