November 3, 2022 - When Grief Sneaks Up On You

Who would expect a flower to be a grief trigger?

I had to make a late evening trip to the church and when I pulled back into my drive at home the headlights shined on the season’s first bloom on my camellia bush. I had been in the yard doing a few chores this afternoon and didn’t see the flower, but tonight it caught my attention. For those that may not be aware, some camellias bloom in fall, and other varieties in spring.

Then it hit me, this is the second fall with the camellia. Shari wanted it, I wanted a red flowering camellia, I relented and planted the white one. When I saw the flower it dawned on me, Shari never saw it bloom.

It is a beautiful reminder to me of God’s faithfulness and my gratitude for the life we shared. I picked the first bloom in remembrance of Shari. There are dozens more blooms to open. Sometimes it’s the little things in life that speak volumes.

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