November 30, 2021 - The Grief Journey

This week, actually nine days, spent at one of my favorite places, the beach, has been most of what I had hoped for.

I have always found the ocean sounds to be refreshing and therapeutic, and they haven’t disappointed this trip. Long walks on the beach, soaking in the sunshine, the waves melodious rhythm, even the sounds of sea gulls and some talks with the Lord have been refreshing and healing, and some great family time, I have shed many tears this week and there are still more to come. Part of this time was the “moving forward” part of my grief journey.
On Sunday, as I enjoyed most of a five-mile walk, I was thinking about how Shari and I had spent forty years building a life together and lamenting that it was over. The Lord dropped this into my heart. “That life hasn’t ended, it has entered a new season. The life we built I still live, just without her physical presence. The things we learned from each other and together have shaped me into the person I am today and has prepared me for this new season and what lies ahead.”

I thought about the mentors I have have had in my life and their deposits and investments into who I am. The most impactful mentor I have had is Shari. I don’t think we consider our spouses as mentors but we probably learn more from them than anyone else as we navigate life together. I thought about some of the things I learned from Shari and how they continue to shape my life. Some of those things are unconditional love, always putting others first (I tend to be selfish), hospitality, and generosity, to name just a few.

What are you imparting to your spouse?

What are you allowing them to impart into your life?

As I head home today and begin to reengage with this life I have been blessed to live, it looks different, feels different and will be different. My heart is a little more mended and I am a little more ready to seize all the plans and purposes the Lord has in store for me.

As always, thanks for the love, prayers, support and understanding!!! See you back home!!!

Just for the record, the picture above is from my last sunset on this beach trip…until next time!

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