December 8, 2022 - Walk Through Grief

Ambushed by Grief

Recently I read the term “ambushed by grief.” It may sound extreme, grief is. You are trekking along in life after a loss and then out of no where this rogue wave of grief knocks the wind right out of you. It happens at holidays, special days like birthdays and anniversaries, at special occasions, and sometimes seemingly out of no where.

If you are the one walking through grief don’t beat yourself up over it, you have done nothing wrong, you are not weak, or too emotional, you are human. We all experience loss, we all grieve differently. We may think we should be “over it by now,” we may be told that we should be “over it by now,” the reality is that when you lose someone you love, you don’t just lose them, you lose the future dreams you had, the future life you anticipated living together and every day is a reminder of those losses.

MaddoxThis week I had the wonderful blessing of holding my new grandson.

It was a bittersweet joy as I looked at his tiny face and realized that he will never be held by his grandmother, Shari. Her greatest joy was being a grandmother and this one will never meet her in this world. As I left my son’s house that night I had to clear my eyes for my drive home, ambushed by grief.

It is real, yes we deal with it, we try to hide it, we wish it would end, but it won’t because we still love, we still live, and we will continue through every ambush.

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