February 15, 2022 - The Grief Journey

To all my friends who have lost a spouse or suffered the pain of a divorce;

Congratulations, we have made it through another holiday.

No sarcasm intended, I never thought holidays could be so difficult. Though Valentine’s Day may not be a recognized “national holiday” it is one that causes great difficulties for many. This was the first one without Shari in forty years; though we didn’t make a big deal of it, we exchanged cards, sometimes small gifts and usually a nice dinner at home, and of course a hug and kiss. I missed those gestures and expressions of love this year. Today is a brand-new day and God’s mercies are new and fresh for this day!!!

This “moving forward” in the grief journey has its challenges, for sure. The last few days have been hard ones, I told someone I feel that I have been moving backward instead of forward during these days. I know that is not true, but it sure feels like it. One of the challenges is that as I look forward and plan for things; trips, events, etc., it is hard to see those things taking place without Shari. If you knew her, you know she brought the party with her. She thought through all the details, had things that no one else thought about and made sure everyone had a good time.

I know God has a purpose and a plan for my life and for yours, a future and a hope that exceeds my own dreams and plans. I know His promises still stand and like for Job, God has great blessings for those who faithfully endure the difficult challenges of life.

My head knows, but some days my heart struggles with it.

Here is to a brand-new day and the promise of God’s faithfulness!!! Blessings to you my dear friend!!!

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