May 25, 2022 – Vacation Update

Our planned fishing trip for tomorrow has been canceled due to rough seas.

I have to admit, this was very disappointing. We began to talk about other plans for the day. Cameron went to guest services at Magic Kingdom to see how much it would cost to add a day pass to Epcot; the cost could have been $75 or $140 each, for eight of us. The nice lady asked him why we hadn’t added Epcot at the time we purchased our park passes? He explained that our fishing trip was cancelled and a little of “our story” for the family vacation. All he was asking for was the costs so we could all decide what we were going to do. The lady told him to enjoy Epcot, she had given us all complimentary passes for the day. He was blown away, as we all were. He said thank you and God bless you!!!

Great is His faithfulness!!!

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