June 15, 2021 - Healing from the Inside Out

In a recent conversation with a friend and fellow pastor, we were discussing the healing that takes place after a loss, or grief.

I shared how the healing is one that takes place from the inside out; you may not see the healing taking place, but it is happening, slowly and surely.

Several years ago, I had an infected cyst, I will spare you the gory details, but it was very painful. The doctor was very excited because, according to him, “he got to get back to the foundations of medical treatment.” Through the medical treatments that went on every other day for two weeks, he explained to me that this kind of infection needed to heal from the inside out, and it would take time. It did eventually heal, and then the cyst had to be surgically removed, again healing from the inside out. Oh, and I was told that due to the infection, any numbing agent would not work, so I had to endure the pain each office visit.

Maybe you have never had that kind of encounter, at least I hope you haven’t. But maybe you have experienced surgery or injury that required physical therapy. Often another example of healing from the inside out.

I think maybe one of the most difficult things about this grief journey is that I understand there is a healing that is taking place, but because it is an “inner healing” I often can’t see the progress.

I guess it’s like “walking by faith.” I keep living and walking each day believing that I am better today than yesterday and will be even more healed tomorrow.

I have told a few people that the last few days have been “different,” a good different. I can’t qualify or quantify what I mean, but I know there is a difference today from a few days ago. I’m believing that some of that inside-out healing is taking place.

If you are on this grief journey, keep walking, God is doing a healing work, even if you can’t see it or feel it. If you are walking with a friend on their grief journey, watch for signs of healing and encourage your friend to keep moving forward. Maybe you can’t see the healing, know that God is at work behind the scenes.

Sometimes we must experience the pain to know what the healing will feel like when we get there. Keep walking and believing!!!

As always, thanks for your comments, support, and most of all your prayers for all of us on this grief journey.

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