September 1, 2022 - Walk Through Grief

September 1, 2022 Exactly one year ago today I, my family, church family, and many friends started a journey that would change our lives forever.

September 1 is the day I tested positive for Covid, and Shari the next day. Little did I know when the page was turned to September 1, 2021, what lay ahead, I am grateful that my Lord, Jesus Christ knew. This year has been the most difficult year of my life. Looking back now I can also say that it has been a year of tremendous blessing, growth, and strengthening. I am not the same person I was a year ago. I love a little harder, hold on a little longer, and cherish each moment of each day. I will continue to live with no regrets as I seek to seize each day and each moment. I know now as never before the brevity of life and the suddenness with which the life you had built and the dreams you had can change abruptly.

There is a place in my heart that will always belong to Shari, nothing will ever change that, and no one will ever take that place. But God in His incredible wisdom and insight made our hearts in a way that can grow around the pain and brokenness, and He has given us the capacity to love again and to receive love again. I never dreamed that a positive result from an over - the - counter test kit would rock my world the way it did. God knew and He had a plan already in place. It’s not Plan B, I’m still living out God’s original plan and purpose for my life. My race goes on, there are many new adventures that await, lives to touch with the love and hope of Jesus, and more laughter and love to share with those God places in my life.

My recommendation to you, love deeply, laugh hard, enjoy the people in your life and live with no regrets! God is good and His promises still stand.

The next few weeks have the potential to be emotional and challenging, but through it all, I continue to live life to the full, seizing each moment to be all God has called me to be. I hope you do the same!

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