September 16, 2022 - Walk Through Grief

Friday Reminders; Green Lights, Panhandlers, and Holy Spirit Promptings

(Nothing to do with grief but a great story)

It is an “ordinary” Friday morning for me; my customary breakfast, a few errands, and home to wrap up my Sunday sermon preparation. However, there were some reminders that today, nor any day would be “ordinary.” Here are the reminders I received before lunchtime on Friday.

Just because the light turns green doesn’t mean it is safe to go. I was first in line to turn left, (the most dangerous place to be) when the light turns green. Today I hesitated and watched as a silver sports car raced through the intersection. My vehicle was bigger, but who wants that to happen? I would have been right, the bearded driver of the silver sports car at fault. But what difference does that make if someone is injured or worse?

The panhandler: driving through any town you are likely to see someone on a street corner holding a sign in some way soliciting money. I typically avoid eye contact. But today I saw this middle-aged, rather tattered, and dirty-looking man, on a corner I rarely pass through. Our community attracts many veterans due to the VA Medical facility in town. Unfortunately, some of these veterans end up on the streets of Salisbury. I have no idea if he is a veteran. I thought about giving him money just in time for the light to turn green, and I was off. Around the corner and down the road I realized I was missing a Holy Spirit prompting. So, what do I do? Yes, I made my way back to the intersection, it took a few minutes, but I went back.

I had the change from my breakfast in my pocket, a $10 bill (the amount is not important). I pulled it out as I approached the intersection a second time. As I pulled up, the light was green, but there was a silver sports car there, (a different silver sports car) and my guess is that there was an unpleasant exchange going on. The man looked very upset and shouted something as the car pulled away. Then he noticed me, I hand him the money, and he says “thank you, God bless you.” I said, “God bless you” and cleared the intersection.

I don’t know what the conversation was about when I pulled up, but my guess would be something like “get a job,” or “get a life.” Don’t be too quick to judge, at least take the time to understand someone’s story before you start dispensing advice. Maybe I gave money to an alcoholic or an addict, maybe I “entertained an angel unaware.” Maybe I did a favor to Jesus Himself, “if you do it unto the least of these, you have done it unto me.”

My Friday morning takeaways: Just because the light is green doesn’t mean it is safe to go. Don’t judge, but if you have to, at least take the time to discover their story first. Finally, and most important, watch and listen for those Holy Spirit promptings.

Have a fabulous Friday!!!

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