September 7, 2022 - Dear Shari

Dear Shari,

Bob And Shari

It has been eleven months since you left this world for Heaven. I am so happy for you as you enjoy the glory and splendor and worship at the throne of God. There has been so much that I have learned since you finished your race, I could write a book about it, and many tell me that I should, maybe someday.

The big kids are great, so are the little ones, and that first grandson and mom are doing great as we anticipate his arrival in a few more months. Your friends, like your family, continue to live and love as you modeled for us; you are still making a difference.

You taught me so much during our life together; how to love unconditionally, loyalty, faithfulness, commitment, to laugh loudly, to love deeply, to pray fervently, resiliency, generosity, tenacity and so much more.

Your desire was that I, and all those you loved, would move forward living life to the fullest, laughing, loving, and growing.

Thank you Shari for all you invested in my life and so many others. You will always be loved and missed.

I wasn’t sure I was going to do this today but then thought otherwise. This season has been filled with memories of “the last times” and one year ago Friday is the day I watched as you walked through those hospital doors, the next time I would see you would be in the ICU after you were placed on the ventilator.

We are making it, we all miss you, but life is great, our hearts are healing, God’s grace sufficient, and His mercies are new every morning.

Love always!

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